Neostar 6-in-1 Music Master Player / Recorder
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6-in-1 Music Master Player / Recorder

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Product Information


  • 2x 4W / 4Ω stereo speakers (2x 32W PMPO)
  • Quality sapphire stylus suitable for all record types
  • AM/FM stereo radio
  • Blue backlit LED display
  • Auto/manual track division for creating separate tracks on CD
  • Adjustable input recording level
  • Dual 3.5mm headphone and aux-in jacks
  • 45rpm spindle adaptor
  • Additional RCA line out sockets for connecting an external amplifier or additional active speakers
  • Clock radio function
  • Timer/sleep option
  • Remote control


Q: How do I record music to my PC?
A: The USB port at the front is used for connection with USB pen-drive, it cannot be connected with computer directly. Hence turntable / cassette / Aux / CD / FM radio can be recorded into USB pen drive directly, and then you can transfer the digital music files to your PC. There is therefore no need to use additional software (like Audacity) and a USB cable.

Q: Where is the main standby power button?
A: Just press the large volume knob!

Q: How is the unit powered?
A: Using the AC mains electric (lead supplied)

Q: Does this only transfer music or is it also a player?
A: It plays vinyl, tape, CD, and radio, plus music from other sources via Aux in, USB stick or SD/MMC card AND ALSO transfers vinyl, tape, external audio sources, USB stick or SD/MMC, CD and radio to CD or MP3. So it is both a player, and a CD/MP3 recorder.

Q: Can I connect my iPod/MP3 player and copy this to a new CD also?
A: Yes. Simply connect the iPod to the aux in socket, press play on your iPod, and record on the CD burner. To separate tracks you will need to press the ‘track separation’ button (as you would when transferring vinyl to new CD).

Q: How can I record radio to CD?
A: This would be a two step procedure: record radio to USB/SD and then transfer those digital files onto CD.

Q: What CDs can I use?

Q: What battery does the remote control use?
A: 1 x CR2025 lithium ion ‘watch’ battery. sell these as LBAT12.

Q: What are the speakers' specs?
A: 2x2.5W RMS

Q: What size (capacity) USB stick, SD card and hard drive can I use with the Music Master?
A: For USB pen drive/memory stick/dongle: 32MB to 32GB. For SD card, it can support 32MB to 8GB.

Q: Can I use any brand of card/stick?
A: We recommend the cards and sticks which are sold with the NMM1, but as there are numerous producers of USB stick and SD card (which use a variety for formats) we cannot guarantee all will work.

Q: Can I connect an external hard drive via USB socket to record to HDD?
A: The NMM1 is designed to be used with USB stick and SD card only, and so we cannot guarantee that recording will be possible to an external HDD, as this will depend on hard drive specification and set up. We would recommend only recording to USB stick and SD card.

Q: Can I record directly from radio to CD?
A: It is not possible to record directly from a live radio broadcast directly to CD.
However, you can record live broadcasts to SD card or USB stick then transfer the recordings from the SD/USB device to CD.

Q: Why does the unit need an additional RCA line-out socket?
A: There are a pair of RCA line-out sockets for connecting the supplied speakers. But, in addition, there are secondary RCA line-out sockets for connecting your own external amplifier or active speakers. This may be done to produce a louder sound.

Q: What are the Ohms (Ω) of the speakers?
A: These speakers are 8Ω

Q: Can I erase or replace the contents of a CD-R?
A: No - only CD-RW (Re-Writeable) discs can be erased and re-recorded on.

Q: Does the arm automatically return to the start/rest position once it has finished playing a record?
A: No, the arm remains in the centre and has to be placed back to its rest position by hand.

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