Induction Hob
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Induction Hob

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Induction Hob
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Cook faster and use less energy with our 2-in-1 induction hob set! Induction is probably the fastest, safest and most affordable way to cook. Our hob set is especially good value at just £59.95. This innovative hob directly heats the pan via an induced electro-magnetic field. It sounds complicated but itís an absolute doddle to use. The induction process heats only the pan and its contents so no energy is wasted heating up the surrounding air Ė the rest of the cooker top stays completely cool! Like a gas burner, heat-up is virtually instant as is temperature adjustment, but cooking is even quicker - it takes just 3 mins to boil a litre of soup for instance. If only cooking for one or you have just a single pan to do, itís unbeatable for speed and convenience. Hob suitable for magnetic steel, enamel or cast iron cookware with a flat bottom at least 12cm. (just check that a magnet sticks to the base).


Fast, safe, clean and economical cooking

Touch controls and LED display

Ceramic cooking surface wipes clean

Full overheat protection


10 heat settings

Hob measures Width 6.5 x 28.5 x 35cm

Mains 2000W


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