Neostar Compact Advanced Desiccant Dehumidifier
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Compact Advanced Desiccant Dehumidifier

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Neostar Compact Advanced Desiccant Dehumidifier
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• Winter and Summer Laundry Modes - removes moisture and provides hot or warm air to dry clothes faster. • Silver-Coated Filter System and Built-In Ioniser - kills bacteria and mould spores on contact, reduces dust-mite activity, improves air purification and helps combat unpleasant smells. • High 8 litre Per Day Water Extraction - even at 1ºC (range 1-37ºC). • Auto-Dry mode - maintains perfect room relative humidity; and Super-Dry mode prevents condensation. • Continuous Drain facility for permanent unattended use in, for example, cellars, caravans, boats, garages (comes with 8mm diameter outlet and 2metres of hose). • Auto-Restart automatically switches back on after any power failure (ideal for when unattended). • Automatic Louvres • Timer • Variable Fan Speeds • Electronic Control Panel • Retractable Handle


• Maximum Power Consumption: 650W • Airflow : 115m3 / hour • Timer: Max 8 hours • Humidity Settings : 40% / 50% / 60% / Continuous. • Ideal For Rooms: Maximum 30m2 • Noise Level: 50dB • Safety Approvals: GS/EMC/CE


Q: Is there a customer service phone number I can call for assistance? A: The Neostar Electronics Customer Service number is 0344 482 1550 Q: What is the difference between a traditional dehumidifier with a compressor, and a one without (desiccant)?A: Traditional dehumidifiers work on the refrigeration principle: air passes over a cold refrigerated coil, moisture condenses on the coil and drains into a container. The compressor-less (desiccant) adsorbent dehumidifiers such as this unit works on the principle of moist air being drawn into an adsorber - a rotating disc thats impregnated with silica. A heating element applies heat to the adsorber, which heats the moisture to a high temperature - immediately condensing it to water which drains into a container. As its compressor-less its a greener technology and its quieter. Q: What size is the water container?A: It has a 2 litre container. Q: How often will I need to empty the container?A: This totally depends on the circumstances, but for normal day-to-day use (i.e. where the dehumidifier is used in Auto Dry mode to maintain normal 55-60% room relative humidity levels) it will most likely need to be emptied once every two days. If however its being used in Super-Dry (removes more moisture per day) mode in very damp conditions it will need to be emptied more often (remember it removes up to 8litres per day, which means it will need emptying 4 times per day). NOTE! This machine has continuous drain function (see below). Q: What does Continuous Drain function mean?A: You can remove the 2 litre water collection tank and attach the 2metre hose (included), or attach your own longer hose if needed, and simply position the end of the hose where you want the water to drain away and the dehumidifier will automatic maintain the desired humidity level ideal for caravans, cellars, boats, garages). Q: My machine switched its self off. Why has it done this?A: It will do this once it has reached the humidity setting you have set it for. I.e. If set at 50%, it will switch off once this is achieved and switch back on automatically when the humidity raises above 50%.

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