Neostar Perma-Therm 3.5 Litre Instant Thermal Hot Water Boiler & Dispenser
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Perma-Therm 3.5 Litre Instant Thermal Hot Water Boiler & Dispenser

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Neostar 3.5 Litre Instant Thermal Hot Water Boiler & Dispenser
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Just think about how many times we all switch on the kettle each day – for hot tea and coffee, cooking vegetables, pasta and rice, filling hot water bottles etc. Each time we do it we use up to 3,000watts - wasting our money and time!

The brand new Perma-Therm from Neostar electronics is an Instant Thermal Water Boiler & Dispenser - keeping water at your ideal temperature all day long, so you'll never have to wait for the kettle to boil again.

There’s no lifting or pouring as with a kettle, so there’s very little risk of scalding, and despite keeping water constantly hot it’s actually very energy efficient. Whereas a kettle uses 2,000-3,000W every time it’s boiled, the Neostar uses only 680watts to boil water and a measly 2watts to keep it constantly hot, thanks to its high-tech outer thermal casing. It even has 5 different temperature settings (40 – 98degrees) so you can, for example, keep water at 98degrees C, perfect for tea and coffee!


• Stays hot all day long

• Ultra-low energy consumption: 680W to boil; 2watts to maintain and 100watts to re-boil

• 3.5 litre/6 pint capacity provides 24 cups/12 mugs

• 5 adjustable temperature settings

• Automatic reheating after each use

• Boil dry protection

• Auto switch-off

• Includes built-in programmable timer: so you can programme when you want the Perma-Therm to be boiled and ready for your first early morning cup of tea!

• Water level indicator/light

• LCD display

• Stainless steel thermal construction

• Thermal casing remains warm but never too hot to touch

• Three way dispensing: auto, cup and manual which allows you to use it to dispense water away from the mains powered base (like a traditional Thermo Pot for example)

• Removable top lid and carry handle for easy re-filling


• 6pint/3.5litres provides 24 cups/12 mugs
• Measures 31 x 23 x 33cm


Q: Is there a customer service phone number I can call for assistance?
A: The Neostar Electronics Customer Service number is 0344 482 1100

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