Save-2-CDigital – Audio Player & CD/MP3 Recorder
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Save-2-CDigital Audio Player & CD/MP3 Recorder

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Save-2-CDigital Audio Player & CD/MP3 Recorder
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Give your musical memories a spin while saving them to CD or MP3 to enjoy again and again. Boasting a smart walnut wood effect veneered casing and built-in stereo speakers, this impressive new system not only plays virtually all forms of music, it also records it directly to CD or to digital MP3 too – all without a computer! Incredibly easy to use, the new Save-2-‘CDigital’ compact deck and recorder will play vinyl, tape, CD, radio, MP3 digital files (via USB memory stick), Bluetooth devices (music stored on your Bluetooth enabled phone/iPad etc.), and even reel-to-reel or 8 track recorders that can connect via the handy auxiliary input connection! Plus, at the press of a button it will transfer all audio direct to recordable CD or direct to a USB memory stick – so you can Save-2-CD or Digital without ever needing to touch a computer! “The name “Save-2-CDigital” is a wonderful play on words but it’s exactly what this great new deck does – plays all your music and saves it either to CD or to Digital. Very easy to use and highly recommended.” Raphael, MSB Expert Audio Buyer.


• Plays 33s, 45s and 78s, CD, cassettes, radio, MP3, Bluetooth devices, 8-tracks etc. via aux-in

• Records audio directly to new CD or to MP3 (USB memory stick), with track separation feature

• Aux-input – connect and record additional devices

• High-quality turntable with automatic tone arm return system, pitch adjust, arm weight adjust and 45rpm spindle adaptor.

• PLL (Phase Locked Loop) MW/LW/FM radio

• Built-in stereo speakers (2 x 2w RMS)

• Headphone socket, remote control and Bluetooth connectivity

• RCA jacks for connecting external speakers

Extra stylus available to buy


• Large blue backlit 2 ½” x 1 ½” LCD display (68.8mm W x 36.8mm H)

• System measures: 43cm W x 37cm D x 13cm H with lid closed. (17” x 14 ½” x 5 1/8”)



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